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The Highlander's Sin (The Stolen Bride Series) (Volume 6)

The Highlander's Sin (The Stolen Bride Series) (Volume 6) - Eliza Knight 2.5 Cocktails

Set at the beginning of the 14th century, Lady Heather Sutherland is abducted from Dunrobin Castle on the same day she plans to run away and join up with William Wallace to fight for Scottish freedom. Wanting to make a deference, Heather see being kidnapped as a good way to get away from her family. Her captor, Duncan Mackay, otherwise known as “The Priest,” is a mercenary planning to avenge the deaths of his parents and a lot of his clan, by selling her to an opposing clan. On their journey through the Scottish wilds, Duncan and Heather argue, snuggle, tease, undress, and eventually, realize their feelings of love for each other. Which to seem more like stockholm syndrome to me. Parts of ‘The Highlanders Sin’ was really good, then other parts were downright creepy. I found it pretty hard to read all of The Highlanders sin. It was not my cup of tea for sure.

Reviewed by SammySosa for Cocktails and Books