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Born Wild: Black Knights Inc.

Born Wild: Black Knights Inc. - Julie Ann Walker Despite what the Chicago police believe, Eve Edens believes someone is trying to kill her after one too many “accidents” that could potentially leave her dead. She does the only thing she can think to do and seeks help from her best friend’s company, Black Knights, Inc. With her best friend Becky not around, she has to rely on her ex-boyfriend Billy Reichart who just happens to be Becky’s brother. What happens is a series of mishaps, shootings, and enough family drama to keep your attention.

Eve was a take charge female, who had clearly moved beyond her controlling father and ex-husband to become the independent woman that we see during the novel. Billy is the ultimate alpha male, he helps Eve despite the fact that she broke his heart years ago, and his war stories will make you want to take care of him. Julie Ann Walker does a good job of keeping the action coming, with enough romance and sexual tension between the two main characters to sizzle on the page.

Reviewed by Lucy for Cocktails and Books