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Winter at Mustang Ridge

Winter at Mustang Ridge - Jesse Hayworth Jenny is home to help out with the family’s dude ranch while her twin sister, Krista is away for six weeks taking classes to help make the ranch more successful. Since Jenny is on hiatus from her job, camera crew for a reality TV show, she agrees to come home.

Jenny meets the new vet when she finds an injured dog at the end of the driveway and rushes him over to the clinic. Nick, looking like a young Harrison Ford, fixes up the dog and catches Jenny’s eye. The attraction is quite mutual. Can this landlocked vet hold the heart of the worldly traveler Jenny, or will history repeat itself for Nick and leave them both heartbroken?

The characters were funny, especially Ruth! Reading about this older lady talking about “sexting” had me laughing out loud! Nick and Jenny had great chemistry and a cute romance. I absolutely loved Rex, the injured dog; he totally had me crying at the end. I enjoyed this family-oriented, heart-warming read.

Reviewed by Elizabeth for Cocktails and Books