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Attainment - J. H. Cardwell I will start this review by saying, this was....it was probably me.

Reese had been through a lot. She was date raped, had problems dealing with certain social situation and was stung my the lost of contact with her boyfriend who moved away. She kept to her close knit group of friends as a way to protect herself from the unknown and relied on her family and her strong sense of faith to guide her. At first, I really liked her. But then I started to question what she was doing. She vacillated between Tate, Carter and then the mysterious John. She seemed to allow herself to be pushed into situations where the worst possible outcome lay in front of her. Some of her so-called "best friends" seemed to feel free to giveaway Reese's personal information without any real consequence. Reese claimed she couldn't trust men, because the ones she did let her down, but I think the person she really shouldn't trust is herself.

I understand she is young and well all make stupid decisions and mistakes, but Reese's just seemed to keep piling on top of each other. It was almost as if she purposefully ignored some of the signs that were right in front of her (for example, creepy John. There is something not right there and I have a feeling that will spell disaster later on, but does Reese see that? NO!).

As I said about...it's probably me. Others have really enjoyed this book and normally these type of suspenseful storylines are right up my alley. But I didn't connect with the characters or the storyline.