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The Way Home

The Way Home - Cindy Gerard This is my first Cindy Gerard read and while she is a good writer, I did not like the premise of the story at all. The story starts out with a woman named Jess. She has a husband who died overseas in the military over 3 years ago. She has been intimate with one man since her husband’s death, another military soldier, Ty. They had a fling 18 months ago and now he traipses back into her life and she is just lonely enough to give him a second chance. They date and things get hot and heavy physically as well as emotionally.

Meanwhile her husband, who she thought was dead, is in Afghanistan with an Afghani woman who hid and took care of him. His memory is gone and he can’t remember anything about being a solider, where his home is or why this woman is keeping him alive. The husband eventually falls in love with the Afghani woman but she won’t leave the country to go back home with him. The husband, Jeffery, or J.R. as he’s called by his family comes home and doesn’t remember he had a wife. Long story short, they can’t make it work, J.R. and Jess are both in love with someone else. And in the end, everyone is happy together as a family.

While some people would enjoy this kind of troupe, I did not. There was too much drama, too many feelings hurt and it literally made me sick to my stomach. This book may be a wonderful story to others, just not to me.

Reviewed by Elizabeth for Cocktails and Books