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Endless - Jessica Shirvington This book completely devastated me. DEVASTATED!!! Even knowing there was a fifth and final book to come AND that Violet was not going to be able to get what she really wanted, I was still devastated with how things ended...for Violet and Lincoln.

But as Violet made some very, very touch decisions at a point where she has been emotionally ripped to shreds, she does manage to get one thing that she has longed for for seventeen years...her mother. Evelyn may not have started out the book being a loving mother, Violet begins to understand her a bit more an forgive her for making the choices she did.

Speaking of forgiveness....Phoenix does some fantastic character recovery. I always knew there was goodness in him, but it was overshadowed by his need to belong and be loved. He may have realized too late just what his choices and actions caused, but in the end he became the man lurking behind the darkness.

Then there was Lincoln. He was always torn between doing the right thing and what his heart desired. In ENDLESS, he finally gives into the battle and is willing to do whatever it takes to protect Violet. I didn't find myself frustrated with Lincoln, as I've been in the other books, because he stopped pushing Violet away. He finally understood what he needed to do to be her partner, in every sense of the word. And when it came down to her confrontation with Lilith, he was determined to be by her side.

Every book in this series has been fabulous, but this was is the best so far. It has action, drama and will emotionally draw the reader into everything Violet is feeling...right up until the last page.