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The Darkest Craving

The Darkest Craving - Gena Showalter I have had mixed feelings about Gena’s books ever since I read the second LOTU book. While I loved The Darkest Night, every book after that has started to lose interest. I love all the Lords, but every book after Aeron’s just felt like the same. There weren’t many surprises and I would become disinterested as a character’s internal monologue would run on for several pages and the same subject matter repeated throughout the book. Because I love the characters, I keep coming back to find out what happens.

We hardly see Kane in previous books so I was really looking forward to learning more about him in this book. To me, he really wasn’t much of a mystery. I couldn’t relate to his character at all. Josephina was likeable but I didn’t like the Fae world aspect of the book. The language and the sex scenes seemed tamer than in previous books. I mean come on; these are sexy Lords with demons inside them. Let’s see a little bad boy action.

I did enjoy the side stories of Cameo, Torin, and William; he always makes me laugh. They kept me grounded in the story. Torin’s book is next and of course I will be checking it out because I’ve been rooting for him since book one. I hate to say this but the book was just…okay.

Reviewed by Elizabeth for Cocktails and Books