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Life and Lies

Life and Lies - Jamie Salisbury 2.5 stars

This is the continuation of the story of rock star Max Frazier and Ashleigh Thomas as they try to uncover the mystery surrounding her ex-husband and requires Max and Ashleigh to go undercover in sex clubs to find out exactly what he was up to.

As with ROCKIN THE BOSS, the author crams a lot into 137 pages. But outside of the relationship between Max and Ashleigh, which I enjoyed, the intrigue revolving around the sex trade Ashleigh's ex-husband was involved seemed to far fetched. I realize this is fiction and I should just go with it, but I had a hard time believing the government would enlist the help of the ex-wife and her current boyfriend/husband to pose as a Dom/sub at BDSM clubs just because he was a ex-military man for another country.

I wanted to like this more and really was intrigued to find out what happened with Max and Ashleigh after ROCKIN THE BOSS, but I just couldn't connect with this one.