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Stay with Me - J. Lynn, Jennifer L. Armentrout

Jennifer Armentrout/J. Lynn is one of my "go to" authors.  She never disappoints and this series is a must for my one click finger.  This book features Calla who is friends with all of our favorites: Cam, Avery, Jase, Teresa, Ollie and Brit. She is quiet and seems to be more of the background at school and with her friends.  She calls Cam, Jase and Ollie the "Hot Guy Brigade" and she seems to think it is strange she is friends with all of the beautiful people.  Calla has a long scar on her face and she clearly tries her best to hide it and herself from everyone around her.


Enter complication.  Calla tries to pay for the next semester of school and finds their is no money.  The story begins to unravel from here.  Calla must go home and confront her mother who she doesn't speak to and the only person who would have access to her college money.


Enter Jackson or Jax.  A former Marine who is working in Calla's family bar.  A family bar that was boarding on more than a hole in a wall but Calla notices that things have changed and she is wondering if it is due to Jax working there.  She doesn't have time to dwell on her questions because she gets into some serious trouble.  Thank goodness for Jax who is good with a gun and able to keep her safe.  Calla doesn't understand why Jax is so interested in her but she can't seem to stay away from him.


This book is 400 pages and it flies by.  You can't wait to find out more about both of their backstories.  You can't get enough of the attraction between the two and the plot moves along at a fantastic pace.  Bonus: the characters from the previous books are part of this story and we all love to hear from them.  Double bonus: we are introduced to new characters that I am just betting get a book too....maybe Reese and Roxy. My favorite new character was Katie.  She literally livened up each and every scene she walked into.

This series just gets better and better.  Jennifer always produces a stellar read and I eagerly wait for the next installment.  Go get this one and if you don't have the rest of the series, one click!


Reviewed by Candace for Cocktails and Books

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