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Daniel's Surrender

Daniel's Surrender - Sierra Summers,  VJ Summers Thrust in to a position of responsibility when his older brother goes missing in action, Marcus becomes quite close to his brother’s best friend, Daniel, and gets drawn in to his BDSM games. Reticent at first, Daniel eventually agrees to take on Marcus and Shannon, his new girlfriend, as his subs. Many a hot night ensues.

It was quite refreshing to read a story where, although there were plenty of copious sex scenes, the focus was more on the relationship developing between the main characters. Our little triad here seems to balance each other out quite well. Shannon is the bright and sunny caretaker. Marcus’ constant smile and happy demeanor brightens up the room. And Daniel’s more austere, commanding presence shows the reader, even from the very beginning of the story that these three are meant to be together. That is, if they ever get their act together.

They love each other, I get it, and really I do. But Daniel’s constant “I want to be with you… I need to be with you… but I refuse to feel a connection so I’ll hold both of you at an emotional distance” really got annoying after a while. I mean seriously? So you had a crappy childhood… get over it. You don’t want to hurt these two wonderful people? Then stop withholding yourself from them. I wondered more than once why Marcus and Shannon didn’t just walk away rather than continue to bash their heads against the wall that is Daniel. In the end though their persistence and sunny outlook on the ability of their relationship being a real long lasting one pays off, much to the absolute delight of this reader and hopefully yours as well.

Reviewed for Cocktails and Books by Iris.