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Darkness Bound (Chimney Rock)

Darkness Bound (Chimney Rock) - Stella Cameron This first book in the Chimney Rock series puts a slightly different spin on the paranormal world. Werehounds like on the outskirts of the human world hoping to one day gain their humanity and the ability to live amongst them. Werewolves are fighting them, desperate to gain dominance over the Wedbey Island were they all reside. Throw in some vampires and Fae and you have the setting

Niles Latimer is Alpha of the werehounds. He's haunted by the past and what his team did in the name of the United States in the Middle East. But he's been given new hope for himself and his pack when he finds out he has a true mate in the widow of one of the residents of Chimney Rock Cove. This mate means a lot to his pack, since all the female werehounds have died, but Nile is also cautious since they have all agreed that the human woman must know exactly what each of them is before they can "seal". While Niles knew the werewolves would stop at nothing to make sure the mating doesn't happen, he's unaware of the other implications his mate would have on the entire supernatural community.

Leigh Kelly has come back to Chimney Rock Cove and the small house her husband left to her. While it's difficult, she's come back because she thinks this is the one place where she'll be happy and feel like she belongs. When she meets Niles he senses an immediate connection to him...one she didn't have with the husband she dearly loved. Each time they're together, she can feel the connection growing. She soon learns that Niles is a man she feels safe with and can trust. It's because of those feelings that she doesn't shy away from him when she learns what he truly is.

A lot happens in this first book that sets up the rest of the series. We have werewolves kidnapping humans, vampires throwing in their hats with the werewolves in hopes of getting their hands on Leigh and those like her, Leigh's creepy brother-in-law who is very shady (to say the least) and the Fae Queen who undoubtedly is up to no good. While these elements don't really do much to speed along this particular storyline, you can tell they are being used to set up things down the road.

I was left with some unanswered questions about our lovely couple: was Leigh's husband's death really an accident, what happened with Leigh's family, how old exactly is Niles (he hints to working the Gold Rush...so he's at least a couple hundred years old), what happened to the only other woman Nile loved and what are those nightmares he suffers from. I'm hoping we'll get some of these question answered in future releases to the series.

Entertaining with a slightly different twist on the paranormal world than what I've read recently. Can't wait to see what happens with the series...especially with Sean who is my favorites of the werehounds so far.