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Going Back for Romeo

Going Back for Romeo - L.L. Muir Imagine you're a lonely 24 year old woman who's been told your entire life that you must stay away from Scotland at all costs. All costs include being bribed by your grandmother to the tune of a million dollars a year if you stay away. Now what would you do if your grandmother dies and through a poorly written sentence in her will, you inherit all the money without having to stay out of Scotland. What would you do?

If you were Jillian MacKay, you'd begin researching Scotland and in your excitement let two little old twin ladies talk you into taking a journey to Scotland with them to investigate some weird family curse that happens to involve her long lost relatives, the MacKays.

Jillian, or Jilly to her friends, is lonely and hopes that her little adventure to Scotland will bring her something that she's missing back home in Wyoming in her little 80's decorated apartment. She's always done what was told of her, and regrets letting two little old ladies trick her into their little road trip when she finds out they want her to crawl into a tomb with a cursed necklace. But what she also finds on her little highland trip is the spirit to stand up for what she believes in and herself when the dreamy highland laird of Castle Ross gets in her way of reunited two lost lovers. While the Laird infuriates and confuses her, she wonders if a man like him would ever be interested in a woman like her.

Montgomery Ross, Laird of Castle Ross, has been in a living hell for the past year. He was forced to entomb one sister for her supposed witchcraft then rush to save her without those who wanted her punished finding out, while he other sister was married off to a neighboring clan when Monty found her in the arms of his best friend...a MacKay she's not to mix with. So he carries the grief of losing both his sisters, one to run far away and the other to live with her husband's family, while skewing what happened to set all these events in place...his rage and jealousy. When he finds Jillian MacKay in his sister's tomb, he's not sure if he should believe the prophecy is true or if it's the MacKay family playing a trick on him. So while he's convinced he might have to kill her, he can't help but feeling she's supposed to be so much more to him.

Jilly and Monty were wonderfully written characters who could make you laugh, get mad or even cry as they came to life throughout the story. Both of them were vibrant, heroic and tragically lonely characters who's souls seemed to call out to each. This was a joy to read and satisfying entertaining.