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The Fever and the Fury

The Fever and the Fury - Stephanie Draven Phaedra and Luke were a strange couple. She's killing him or drive him to madness if he continues to refuse to atone for his sins. He's in hiding from the government after leaking sensitive military secrets that are damaging. You'd think there'd be a tad bit of animosity on his part towards Phaedra where he wouldn't even think of hopping into bed with her. But apparently, he can toss those feelings aside when it means feeding his overwhelming sex drive.

While the sex is hot (especially for a virigin! Holy hell!!), I craved a little bit more...something. I can't put my finger on exactly what that something is those. We have the backstory of why Luke's on the run, so maybe to a little history on exactly what a Phoenix is would have helped. Maybe a little more on this group of furies Athena has. But I know there is only so much you can put into a story when it's hovering around 120 pages.

That said, it was a quick read that kept you entertained. You have a hot military guy, on the run, who can see past the sadistic wench who keeps trying to kill to sleep with her. That's always a huge plus!